Friday, February 13, 2015

S&K Photo Realism (HD x512, x256, x128, x64)

Best minecraft texture pack

I'm here to present you a new HD x512/x256/x128/x64 High-Quality Resource pack:

DOWNLOAD: S&K Photo Realism (HD x512, x256, x128, x64) (MediaFire)
DOWNLOAD: S&K Photo Realism (HD x512, x256, x128, x64) (Google Drive) - if you don't see full filenames, display as a list (button in the right corner)

Do you like our work? You can help this project greatly! Help us finish the work! This project living on your donations!

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For better gameplay experience, please use OptiFine (it is highly recommended but not required) With OptiFine installed you will get doubled FPS, and much more better texture look. Also you will get access to hidden video options, custom skies, and more! And it is very easy to use!


  1. Download S&K Photo Realism (HD x512/x256/x128/x64)
  2. Press WinKey + R and type %appdata% (or go to X:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming)
  3. Open ".minecraft" folder, then open "resourcepacks" folder
  4. Place texturepack inside "resourcepacks" folder (it is not necessarily to unzip anything)
  5. Lunch Mincraft
  6. Go to Options -> Resource packs... and select S&K Photo Realism

I'm creating this pack with my girlfriend, we are working very hard to bring you best game experience! S&K is the first letters of our names and nicknames, that’s why we called it S&K Photo Realism.

We following these principles:
 * HD
 * Quality
 * Realistic
 * Harmony

As I said, I'm working with my girlfriend, so yeah, the pack has already almost all flowers updated :)
Currently it has almost all basic textures.
Some textures are taken by our own camera, some are drawn from zero, some purchased and some from free stores. The point is we are using (and will use) only best textures for this pack.

Screenshots made with Shaders ON, without shaders there is no shadow and water is using regular texture. We are currently working on our own water texture, this is not simple task to create awesome water! :)

I removed all unnecessary things from the pack, so you can combine your favarite HD pack and that one, to get 100% textures done. Just add S&K Photo Realism, on the top of the list.


  1. How do you select what resolution you want to use?

    1. Just download file you need:
      S&K Photo Realism x512
      S&K Photo Realism x256
      S&K Photo Realism x128
      S&K Photo Realism x64

  2. you have to download resolution you want, it's a .zip file with name, like "S&K Photo Realism x512 (v0.3.7)" which means version 0.3.7 and texture resolution 512x512.
    Download via mediafire or via google drive, there will be all possible zip files

  3. There are quite a few textures missing from the x512 pack... If those could be updated, that would be great. Thanks!

  4. Hello how i can change skin (in pirate) and i do not have moon like on screen.

    1. Use shaders mod + optifine for best result. Read instructions here: As for pirate MC, i don't know, all should work fine

  5. Hi, I'm a dev of textures to mcpe I wanted altorizacao to be able to use the name S & K to use in mcpe 1.0 total of predicts for you with the name of S & K PE PHOTO REALISM

    1. That is not allowed. And you should to contact me via e-mail

    2. Even with all the reserved rights? 100% of the credits to you! I do not want to profit from it, you only have a very good texture like S&K pro MCPE!